Can I join for free ?

The membership is free for everyone during the Beta launch phase.  As the very purpose of you joining The Carried Interest is to connect with the exclusive community, we want to keep the membership relevant, interested and focused. Only for this purpose, we have introduced a very nominal charge of £1 per month only. 

Why the Membership is charged £1 only?

This small payment, don’t break anyone’s bank, neither we make large revenue, but you know you part of a focused group, members who not only created their account, but active and participative, and collectively you gain. Register Here

Can I post my company news ?

Yes, we welcome you to share your company, portfolio and fund news with us and the community.   The news are generally reviewd before being published ( again to keep the content clean for your benefit). Publish your News.

Can I write articles for The Carried Interest?

We invite all content creators to share their content with the community. Large content producers can contact us for a discussion of premium placement. Write Guest Post

Can I submit my content RSS to The Carried Interest ?

We welcome your suggestion of interested RSS feeds or company news RSS feeds if you wish to be shared with the community. Please contact us.

Can I Host my Company internal events ?

Yes, in fact you can use The Carried Interest as your company internal event hosting platform. You can share the event within a private group of your choise. Host your Event.